{s.MOOC.h Tasks}

Week 6 Privacy

Are you exposing yourelf online? Get your privacy risk assessment here:  Take the Privacy Quiz

Week 5: Information ~ searching, evaluating and curation.

This weeks topic of information searching, evaluating and curation  was practiced within my assessment 3 blog in which I had used keywords to search for the instruction for embedding prezi into wordpress. Initially this was a difficult process however once I had the correct strategies for searching and evaluating information I found a reliable source that was successful. This new collective information was shared with my marking peers and I have now included tags into all of my posts to socially bookmark this information for others.

This week also required contributing an awesome educational websites URL with an annotation.

http://askatechteacher.com/ – A one stop resource shop for integrating technology into the classroom.

Week 4: Life-long Learning

This week I trialed ScoopIt.  I need to research this tool a little more once time allows so have bookmarked for now.

Check out life-long prophet Sherry Turkle’s TedTalk on our relationship with technology. Very interesting!

Week 3: Exploring Blogging

Whilst exploring some freshly pressed blogs I found this not only interesting but hilariously funny teaching, learning and living blog written by Chase Mielke. Take a look, it is a breath of fresh air, I especially like this Dear Kill Joy post.


Week 2: Create a twitter account

One of the challenges of using Twitter is finding the time to go through every teasing tweet and their attached links. Time for me is more often dedicated to other Web 2.0 programs such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram as they are more popular within my networks. Setting up a Twitter page in the classroom  is a fun and engaging way for students to interact, ask questions and share information.

The following YouTube video shows how a school in Singapore uses technologies such as instant messaging tools in the classroom enabling 40 students to ask 40 questions at one time – it’s quite exciting to see the students engaging in active learning. Great video!

Week 1: How digital are you survey?

The results are in for this Generation X Digital Immigrant. 83/100 = Very Digital.


Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 8.16.15 pm





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