{Life-long Learning ~ you can learn something new every day}

This weeks’ topic, Life-long learning ignited a flame within, learning something new can happen every day.

Life-long learning is promoted during formal education and pursued throughout life (Lifelong Learning Council Queensland Inc, 2013). Howell (2014) states that digital technologies are now being used within education to engage in life-long learning; aimed at developing skills, attitudes and aptitudes for our digitally expectant society.

Learning should never cease and this week’s tutorials on web searching strategies reconfirmed this as searching for reliable information online can be a challenge. For example, the task of embedding Prezi into WordPress was no easy feat this week and after devoting endless hours searching Google, watching YouTube tutorials and reading WordPress forums the task appeared impossible. However, after learning these new searching strategies and reviewing keywords, utilising help menus and tuning in on some inner Generation X characteristics (resilience and fearlessness), the task was conquered instilling a huge sense of achievement, proving a digital native is not defined by age.

As a result of this weeks learning, a teacher can effectively engage and conquer new learning to expand on their technological pedagogies, as well as collaborate with peers and share new knowledge to assist them in teaching in a digital world by socially bookmarking collective information.

Watch and enjoy the below Prezi presentation on The Earth Day Network by clicking on the title link:


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{Participation and the Digital Divide ~ mind the gap}


This weeks’ topic examined the digital divide; unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to participate in a digital world. Howell (2012) recognises the digital divide exists not only between countries but also within countries. For example, household Internet access is 74% in the Australian Capital Territory whereas Tasmania has only 49%. As a result, there is an increasing digital expectancy from stakeholders for the education system to bridge this gap, and ultimately, enable all students to be digitally fluent for life-long learning (Howell, 2012).

This weeks’ creative task was to create an infograhic that visually represents the digital divide and discuss similarities and differences to others. Infographics are purposeful tools used to connect education and technology, and allow for simplified visual learning (edudemic, 2013). Initially, the most difficult element of the task was deciding on theme options with Piktochart. Subsequently, it became apparent for everyone that the task was more than experimental fun. Once the research was done, creating a combination of reflective text, graphics and media made for visually pleasing, quick to read and easy to understand summaries of the learning content. As a teacher, skills in these technologies are essential as a basis for reflection, discussion and assessment as they highlight key words and ideas and engage students visually.

The Digital Divide - Joanna OsmanPlease see Pinterest link below for more digital divide resources:


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