{Digital Security ~ secure your digital self}

This weeks’ topic explored digital security breaches such as identity theft, scams, cyberbullying and Facebook. Identity theft, scams and cyber bullying all exist within Facebook with the sharing of personal details and viral wall messages such as click to “find out what others are saying about you” (Dimmel, 2008). Third party applications also pose a threat with the interactions they allow (Leitch, 2009), such as games that request access to personal profiles. Unfortunately, the security risks that exist within the general digital community also exist within Facebook and users continue to put too much trust in their Facebook friends increasing breaches.

This weeks’ task required participants to consider their own digital security when viewing the web video Don’t Get Hacked! Secure Your Digital Identity by Tekzilla (2012), who encouraged consideration of privacy settings, back-ups, security questions and strong passwords. Howell (2014) also emphasised the importance of being digitally secure by distinguishing the different aspects of security violation and how it can happen any time, any place to anyone.

Teachers need to be digitally aware at all times by practicing safe habits as well as equip students with digital security knowledge and awareness for protecting themselves online (Howell, 2014). For example, a teacher may present students with security tips on a Prezi presentation before all digital lessons to reinforce the importance of being safe, respectful and ethical online.

 Watch the Prezi presentation below on how to Secure your digital self by clicking on the title link!


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